natural mulches...

Gales Ferry Horticulture offers a variety of premium natural mulches including those shown below.

Hardwood Natural Mulch
Made from hardwoods with a rustic look due and few fines present, this mulch aerates and particles interlock which do not make it easy to wash away.
Pine Mulch
An easy to spread blend of pine and hemlock mulch. An unbeatable combination of quality and value.
Hemlock Mulch
A premium 100% hemlock, this beautiful reddish hue distinguishes this hard to find mulch.
Playground Chips
These core wood chips from native trees ground to a specification for use in playgrounds.
Wood Chips
Ground virgin wood chips for use under playground equipment. Also used for walking paths.

other products

Plus, for your convenience, we offer the following products:

  • Landscape Products
  • Drainage Pipe
  • Straw and Hay
  • Blue Rhino Propane Exchange